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We Talked To 88 Plus Size Shoppers About Buying Clothes & TBH, They Hate Your Damn Sizing Guide

Retailers known for having wide plus size selections — like Addition Elle (offers sizes X - 5X; 12 - 26; tall/short options) and ModCloth (offers sizes XXS - 4X; 00 - 30) — also received a lot of love from shoppers, too. But, according to respondents, finding places to shop was less about personal style and more about which stores offered their size. "It's difficult to say what my favorite places are to shop," Abell says. "It's so piecemeal. The offerings for plus size women are still minuscule, and the styles offered from those brands so varied. I can't really identify a shop that encapsulates my style or that I know will reliably have lots of stuff I like." While almost all of the 88 respondents had places they shop in common, this could be attributed more to the sizes offered and wide-reaching availability of brands rather than a common personal style between respondents. "I can't just walk into Urban Outfitters (offers sizes XS - XL; 0 - 14) or Zara (offers sizes XS - XXL; 0 - 14) and know that their standard sizes in most things will fit me," Vargas says. "I'm super happy with my main places to shop at (American Eagle, Forever 21, and Target), but it'd be nice to have more options." What Could Be Better About Their Shopping Experience When it comes to what more could be desired from respondents' shopping experiences, the answer is a lot. From more quality clothing to more availability to standard sizing for all brands, plus size shoppers have a lot of wishes to make shopping more enjoyable and accessible.

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